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A new tool that not only cuts down on application time, but also delivers less messy, more even color application with better balayage results.

The Balayroo applicator gives stylists at any level the ability to provide their clients with a quicker, cleaner, and more natural Balayage treatment while drastically cutting down the time needed.

By using the Balayroo applicator, you are able to give your clients a better, more consistent color application resulting in happier customers and an increase in referrals.

  • Application time can be cut in half.

  • Unique top and bottom openings allow for evenly spread color, with no spotty results.

  • Innovative teeth hold in color, no spilling or leaking. 
  • Fits all hand sizes, for both left and right handed. 
  • Outer edge, along the inside pocket is designed for pulling extra unwanted product off the hair and back into the Balayroo, resulting in no wasted product.

  • Load approximately 1oz color or lightener into the Balayroo at a time. Repeat 3 more times for a typical full head application. 
  • To ensure soft balayage be sure to use light pressure, avoid squeezing the Balayroo

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Made for right-handed and left-handed use; fits all hand sizes

Pocket Design

Inside pocket designed for holding color or lightener on the top and bottom

Inside Teeth

Teeth inside the pocket hold color in and evenly saturate the hair

Top Notch

Top opening designed to allow color or lightener to be applied closer to the scalp

Outside Edge

Outer ledge designed to soften color application by closing over the hair and smoothing

Precise Control

Finger pressure lets you control how heavily or lightly product is applied (We recommend starting with light pressure and gradually increasing pressure as you swipe the balayroo® down the hair)

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Dimensions 18 x 11 x 7.5 cm

3 reviews for Balayroo

  1. Sandra Carr

    “I tried the Balayroo tool today and was impressed with the easy application of the color accents I placed in the hair!!! Our team liked it very much!!!”
    –Sandra Carr, Matrix Educator, owner Sheer
    Professionals Salon

  2. Behind the chair

    “Enter Balayroo–a new tool that not only cuts down on application time, but also delivers less messy, more even color application and better balayage results. With Balayroo a color service that would normally take an hour can be done in 15 to 30 minutes.”

  3. Vivienne Macinder

    “Bravo to Balayroo!”
    –Vivienne Mackinder, founder

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