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Plant based 10 minute hair colour

010Plus professional hair colour system – 10 minute hair colour

Express Colour – More clients in less time

B-spot – O10Plus 10 minute hair Colour System was developed with a priority of reducing skin exposure to chemicals,  reducing damaging ingredients and replacing chemicals with natural ingredients wherever possible. Years of research at the B-spot laboratories in Italy has produced a hair colour system like no other.

Today colour is an essential service in all hairdressing salons, and everyone is in a hurry.

Today customers and stylists are more aware of product ingredients, and the processing and skin exposure times of those ingredients against the skin.

Plant based raw materials, latest generation pure pigments, top performance even on grey hair, and the innovation to put this all together in a powerful package of “Express  Hair Colour”, is the basis of the patented B-Spot – 10 minute hair colour – difference.

010Plus offers 58 fabulous shades and one neutral to mix all hair colours imaginable, which whilst a professional permanent hair colour, it can morph in minutes to a Semi and Demi-permanent colour with the addition of “Pure Tone” (based on natural citric acid).

10 minute hair colour with its natural active ingredients prevents burning and itching. It protects the hair fiber and leaves it glossy and manageable. Furthermore its innovative formula of permanent hair colour is a quick service that can reduce the traditional processing time by up to 50-75%.

Express Colour chart

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010Plus colour flexibility

010Plus professional colour system  – is a express colour because of its extremely fine nano pigments that enter the hair shaft extreme quickly. Because the pigments are so fine only a very low dose of less then 1% ammonia is required.

Got a Question about our hi-speed – 10 minute hair colour?

Can 010Plus be mixed to a demi, semi or toner?2018-12-10T11:04:01+10:00

Yes with the addition of Pure Tone ( an additive that contains citric acid) the colour can be mixed as a demi, semi, or toner. The mix is from 10% up to 50% of the colour mix with developer being lessened according to the required results.

What happens if the colour is left on longer than the 10 minutes?2018-08-11T17:05:01+10:00

010Plus is a non-progressive colour – meaning that it will not darken the longer it is left on, however if it is left on longer the colour result could be a little warmer. At times extremely resistant grey hair coverage could benefit from an extra couple of minutes.

What is the mix ratio of 010Plus?2018-10-22T23:26:55+10:00

The mix ratio is one part colour to 1.5 parts of developer. So for 20 grams of colour used the developer would be 30 grams, making a total mix of 50 grams. In some cases for very difficult or resistant grey coverage the developer can be taken down to 1:1 ratio.

Does 010Plus have hi-lift blondes?2018-08-11T17:05:40+10:00

Yes there are 6 hi-lift blond shades that will lift 4/5 levels in 20 minutes.  The time is longer because the hair needs to be lightened in the first 10 minutes and then the colour is deposited in the second 10 minutes. When the desired result is lighter the processing is extended slightly to allow for the two processes.

What size is the colour tube?2018-08-11T17:06:09+10:00

010Plus colour comes in large 100gr tubes.

Is 010Plus ammonia free?2018-08-11T17:06:40+10:00

010Plus does contain a extremely low ammonia count less than 1% it is considered negligible.  No ammonia smell is present when mixed with developer.

Some ingredients that are used to replace ammonia can be more harmful than ammonia itself.

How does 010Plus process so quickly?2018-08-11T17:07:16+10:00

The technology that makes this happen is so unique it is patented. Because the colour pigments are so extremely fine (nano-pigments) – the colouring process happens in a much shorter time. The cuticle of the hair only needs to open very slightly to allow the colour to enter.  This in turn reduces damage to the hair shaft thus leaving the hair in a greatly improved condition.

010Plus Express hair colour