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Organethic Pure Care

Organethic Pure Care is a young, dynamic company that’s methodically gone about winning the praises of hair and beauty professionals the world over, thanks to its unique combination of advanced research, innovative scientific technologies and an absolute commitment to ethics and health.

Every single product in the range contains high synergistic concentrations of pure essential oils. Extracting these oils from plants and flowers according to ancient and traditional harvesting techniques. The precious healing properties, aromas and colours characterising each product,   preserved by extracting in the most natural way in water

Water extraction maintains the integrity and health benefits, so easily lost from poor and improper extraction methods. We use natural methods in the extraction of our ingredients, with no harmful chemical additives.

Our philosophy is to treat hair and skin, people and planet with respect and ethics.


Why Organethic Pure Care

  • Only from salons.
  • wide flexible range at accessible prices.
  • noticeable results from first use.
  • Cruelty free, with most lines vegan.
  • Business, training and products support.
  • Consistently evolving through research.
  • Colour launching mid-2020.
  • Excellent retailing oportunities.
silk moisture conditioner

From flowers, seeds and leaves – nature has created all we need!

About Us

The Italian hair and beauty range renowned for its fusion of ethics, innovation and education is now available to Australian salons.

On the top floor of a villa on the Venice Riviera sits the headquarters of Organethic Pure Care (OPC)

OPC Founder Andrea Candian was born into a long lineage of hairdressers. He saw too many of his relatives getting sick. They used high performance products, and they kept getting sick”. The long-term exposure to so many chemicals was not good for them, or the environment.”

It was clear to Candian that a natural approach, using the right research and extraction techniques, would create the highest quality formulas that hair and skin would respond to.

OPC partner salons offer their customers professional wellness treatments with immediate effects and persistent results, visible from the first use and ability to resolve specific disorders and conditions.

Behind the products comes the research to back it up – and an extensive education program that includes conferences like OK Experience, OPC’s annual multi-day educational event.

Organethic Pure Care sculpt paste
organic silk shampoo
orange and oat based curl booster
Volumising foam with Tsubaki oil


We would love to hear from you and help you with any queries on us or our products and tools.

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FREECALL : 1800 752 500


Address: Unit 10/ 79 Jijaws St Sumner. Q. 4074


protecting person & planet

Organethic Pure Care - hair products with visible and lasting differences from first use. 'OUR CHOICE"

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