Pure Essential oils  |  Plant and Flower extracts  |  Vegan |  Cruelty Free

We provide natural organic hair products, tools and service solutions for salons, that:

  • care for our environment,  using responsible, natural ingredients.
  • reduce exposure to chemicals, for both clients and stylists
  • replace chemicals with natural ingredients-wherever possible,
  • use products that are not only kind to humans, but also to animals- cruelty free and Vegan.
  • help salons to be more productive, creative and innovative in their services to their clients.

High performance Professional organic hair products.  

Luxury organic hair care  that cares for Hairstylist health.

Today there is a growing awareness of the importance of  natural organic products, a healthy environment for the stylist, the client,  and our planet. We want hair care that is cruelty-free, vegan and low chemical.  As a result clients, and hairdressers want to know that the products used on their hair and skin is safe. 

Our mission is to source products that protect and nourish hair the and scalp, thereby meeting the expectations of hair professionals who promote the use of natural ingredients for excellent results, whilst protecting the health of customers, salon environments and our planet. We supply salons with responsible, Natural Botanical Hair Products with reduced chemicals,  that contain raw materials of natural and organic origin rather than synthetic origin, vegan, cruelty free shampoo, conditioners, treatments and hair styling products.

Coming soon in 2019 a hair colour made up  up of 40% organic oils, Ammonia free, Resorcinol free, PPD free, cruelty free and vegan.

We take is a holistic approach to the care of the hair, scalp and body as a whole.  This is achieved by products of high quality natural plant based, active ingredients. Our product lines are completely inter-mixable for personalising to the requirements for each individual clients needs. Therefore they become not just one product but a complete way to take care of the hair and body.

Offering training and technical support to assist salons to expand their services to evolve, and transform their businesses into a place of global wellness.  Extending their salon services to organic scalp treatments – blends of pure cold pressed essential oils that deal with excessive oiliness, lack of body,  hair loss – and other specific problems with highly beneficial effects. Training salons in the diagnosis and treatment of common hair and scalp conditions.  This means providing our partner salons with a way to grow, through ongoing  training and technical support. Developing specific skills that allow the stylist to use their creativity, whilst at the same time meeting the needs of  the client as a whole.

 Hair Professionals constantly need to grow and adapt to the ever changing products, techniques and innovations, always striving for better, greater, higher, in their performance and standards! Our commitment to salons is to support them continuously through ongoing education.

Our goal is to lessen hair stylist exposure to unnecessary chemicals.  At the same making salons safer not only for our clients, but for our stylists.